Insurance Information for Eye Care

At EyeCare Associates we accept most major insurances, and assist our patients by filing claims to their primary and secondary insurances. All patients are required to pay any deductibles, co-pays and non-covered items at time of service. Our goal is to refund an account credit balance as quickly as possible.

In addition to commercial insurances, we work closely with the following government agencies: State Commission of the Blind, Texas Diabetic Council, Smith County Indigent, Texas Rehab, Medicaid and Medicare (most Medicare Advantage/Replacement Plans).

HMO Members–For most HMO insurance plans, you are responsible for obtaining a valid referral/authorization on your initial visit. After the initial visit, our staff can assist you with referrals/authorizations for future visits.

Pre-Certification–Our staff will take care of all pre-certification requirements for certain surgeries or procedures.

Vision Plans–For patients with routine vision coverage plans, please check before your visit to see if our doctors are on your plan.

Insurance Coverage–Routine vs. Medical Eye Exam:

We strive to know what your insurance will cover, but also encourage our patients to become proactive in understanding their insurance coverage as well. One important concept to grasp is that Medical Insurance covers medical problems, whereas, Vision Plans cover routine eye care and hardware. Furthermore, you will usually have separate policies and cards for vision and medical coverage, but please make us aware if you know that your medical insurance has routine vision benefits.

The reason for the visit, diagnosis of condition, and plan of treatment determine whether a visit is routine or medical from an insurance standpoint. Whether routine or medical, you can expect to receive a thorough exam and quality treatment at EyeCare Associates. Here, we strive to help the patient in all areas of the EyeCare experience.

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